AddressOakham School, Chapel Close
Market Place, Oakham
LE15 6DT
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The Queen Elizabeth Theatre is housed in a building that was constructed in 1840 as the terminal depot of the Oakham-Melton canal.

It is now a 225 seat proscenium arch space with full technical support areas and equipment. Also within the building are a drama classroom, department teaching and production support offices, a paint shop, wardrobe, male and female dressing rooms (complete with showers) and a wide variety of store rooms. The front of house area contains a box office and bar area.

The theatre was opened in 1979 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and has since seen well over a hundred and fifty productions.

Road routes to Oakham Please click on the routes in the left-hand column for detailed road plans. Rail routes to Oakham Oakham is on the Midland line from Birmingham, through Leicester and Oakham to Peterborough and Cambridge. From London or the North East, frequent connections can be made at Peterborough. From the West or North West, connections are made at Birmingham or Leicester. Airports Approximate driving times from the various airports are: East Midlands (one hour); Birmingham, Luton, Stansted (one and a half hours); Heathrow (two and a half hours); Gatwick (three hours).

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