The Star Inn

The Star Inn is a multi-tiered establishment that provides a variety of entertainment and dining options. It features a venue for live music and comedy performances, adding a lively atmosphere for guests. In addition, it boasts a courtyard where patrons can enjoy their time in an open-air setting. The Star Inn takes pride in its selection of cask ales, offering a unique drinking experience for beer enthusiasts. Alongside this, it serves traditional pub food, ensuring a comprehensive dining experience. This combination of entertainment, ambiance, and quality food and drink makes The Star Inn an exceptional destination.

2 Quarry St, Guildford GU1 3TY
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music bar food restaurant pub
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Upcoming Events & Tickets
Wed 21st Feb 20:00 Big Boy Bloater and the LiMiTs Tickets
Sun 3rd Mar 19:30 Kite Thief Tickets
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Alternative Names:
We've also noticed this venue referred to as: The Star Inn - The Back Room, Guildford The Star, Guildford The Star Inn
Location: Guildford, GU1 3TY
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