The Shakespeare

Situated at the historic site of the former north gate to the City of London, you'll find a spacious pub, brimming with character and charm. This establishment boasts a unique layout, featuring an array of cozy corners and hidden spaces, adding to its distinctive appeal. As a nod to its rich past, remnants of the ancient ruins can still be seen, located just beyond the pub's entrance, serving as a constant reminder of the city's storied history. In addition to its captivating ambiance, the pub offers an Italian-inspired menu, with a particular emphasis on pizza. Patrons can look forward to an array of pizza specials, expertly crafted and bursting with authentic Italian flavors. This fusion of historic charm and culinary delight ensures a memorable experience for all who visit.

2 Goswell Rd., Barbican, London EC1M 7AA
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2023-11-27 19:00 Monday Shakespeare Comedy Club Tickets
2023-11-28 20:00 Tuesday Shakespeare Comedy Club Tickets
2023-11-28 19:30 Atka Tickets
2023-11-29 20:00 Wednesday Shakespeare Comedy Club Tickets
2023-11-29 19:30 Human Interest Tickets
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Alternative Names: The Shakespeare Pub