Address210 Hutchison Dr
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"This is a proscenium-stage theatre with continental seating. Audience capacity of the Main Theatre is 470. The distance from the stage floor to the bottom of the grid measures 60 feet, allowing a great deal of fly space for scenery. The flexible proscenium arch has a maximum height and width of 24 feet by 50 feet. The minimum width is 36 feet. The orchestra pit is hydraulically operated to serve as an elevator to the stage storage in the basement below. The pit can be set at any position between the basement and 6 inches above the stage floor.
The Main Theatre stage is equipped with a double cyclorama (one gray leno and one scrim), and a system of 36 T-guide counterweight lines for raising and lowering lights and scenery. The state-of-the-art computer lighting system provides a virtually unlimited number of lighting combinations and cues. The theatre has a closed circuit television and audio system with a stage manager's control console."

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