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London/Countryside Street Markets Walk..3 markets, 3 hrs daily at 11am and 6pm..from a rota of 15 ancient street markets.

Sandra Shevey is an international travel writer, film maker and lecturer who developed an interest in the disappearance of local food, traditional street markets in 1990. She had been writing about English tourism for `tourism in Action` in the 1980s.

London/Countryside Street Markets Walk is one of several of Sandra`s tours which is winner of the 2018 EUTravelHospitality Wards (`Most Unique London Tour`)

Sandra has produced a Finalist dvd on the street markets of London...30 mins..trailer at You can obtain the full 30 min dvd at where you can also book the tours. £30 for the dvd excl p and p.

Check out Sandra`s blog at The blog was Finalist `Best Media Campaign`) in 2017 Business Travel Journalism Awards.

Tours are priced at £45 excl food, tips, fares.

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