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Glasgow's most vibrant arthouse cinema.

Glasgow Film Theatre is one of the UK's most critically and commercially successful, independent, specialist cinemas. The cinema occupies a unique position in Glasgow and the West of Scotland, playing a major role in the cultural life of the city, and beyond, by providing a programme of film, video and television; most of which would not otherwise be available.

Around 450 titles are screened across the two cinemas each year. The programme is international in scope and offers new and innovative film and video alongside more familiar work, shown within the context of the history of world cinema. This rich programme, together with the Modernist European building, post art deco interior and quality of service combine to make up the total GFT experience.

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Cafe Cosmo

GFT's licensed cafe serves refreshments throughout the day and light meals until 5pm.

Please ask the staff for an appropriate container if you wish to take your drink into the cinema.

Mon to Sat: 12noon until 9pm
Sun: 30mins before first show until 9pm.

(just off Sauchiehall Street)

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Upcoming film screenings
Tue 18th Jun 14:30 17:30 20:15
Wed 19th Jun 14:30 17:20 20:05
Thu 20th Jun 14:30 17:35 20:15
Fri 21st Jun 14:30 17:30 20:15
Sat 22nd Jun 14:30 17:25 20:15
Sun 23rd Jun 16:40 19:20
Mon 24th Jun 14:15 17:00 20:15
Tue 18th Jun 15:00 17:45
Wed 19th Jun 13:00 17:45
Thu 20th Jun 14:15 17:20 20:00
Fri 21st Jun 15:00 20:30
Sat 22nd Jun 12:30 18:15
Sun 23rd Jun 16:20
Mon 24th Jun 20:30
Tue 18th Jun 15:15 20:30
Wed 19th Jun 13:15 15:35 20:20
Thu 20th Jun 15:30 20:30
Fri 21st Jun 23:00

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