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Reviews by Annie Draper
The Black Eye Club, Funny, moving, powerful new play
Sing, Musical fun for the family
Between a Man and a Woman, Powerful and poignant theatre piece
Fifty Shades of Grey, All pain and no pleasure
Hidden Figures, Promising premise, partly a success
Constance & Eva, Brave, refreshing piece of theatre
Dirty butterfly by debbie t..., Big performance in small space
2 Become 1, Full of 90s pop nostalgia!
Macbeth, Impressive soundscape and strong performances
Harry Potter and the Cursed..., truly magical, memorable and unique
Dark Vanilla Jungle, darkly comic, unsettling one-woman show
The Complete Works of Willi..., Hilarious, energetic and stunning production
The Beanfield, A new and unusual play
Low Level Panic, Outstanding, funny and topical production
Russian Dolls, Important, relevant and heartbreaking play
Bu21, Topical, disturbing and dark comedy
The Lady in the Van, Set to become a classic
The Princess Monologues, Incredibly strong, funny and moving
The Hunger Games: Mockingja..., Incredible story despite Hollywood adaptation
Me and Mr C, Moving, funny and also disturbing