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LIMELIGHT New Writing from ...
Reviews by Rachel Knightley
The Two Faces Of Agent Lacey, Tragicomedy of competition, love, showbiz
Hansel & Gretel, Sophie Flack adapts classic fairytale
The Hampstead Murder Mystery!, Suspense, pastiche and physical theatre
Wilde without the boy, Wilde’s literature of imprisonment dramatised
YERMA by Federico Garcia Lorca, Tragic passion, longing and claustrophobia
The Killing of Sister George, Fame, love, abuse and self-destruction
Bawdsville - Dark Carnival ..., Halloween Burlesque at Dark Carnival
Crick Crack Club Presents D..., Celebration of life, honouring dead
Fairytales for Grown-ups: G..., The Nick Cave of Storytelling
Home Free! at The London Ho..., Brother-sister imaginary world of escapism
Scraping God from the roof ..., Evening of four one-act plays
The Sweethearts, Tragicomedy of war and hero-worship
Farragut North, Sharp American political power struggle
The Magic Hour, Perfect cocktail Victorian modern magic
Brutal Utopias: A National ..., Backstage architecture tours of Southbank
The Fate we Bring Ourselves..., Storyteller’s inspiringly reshuffled Greek myths
Salomé by Oscar Wilde, Fearless, beautifully stylized physical theatre
Filumena, Politically progressive drama of motherhood
Romeo and Juliet, Star-crossed lovers’ raucous Brechtian disco
Bawdsville presents...Lairy..., Sexy and sinister fairytale burlesque