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Reviews by remotegoat reviewer
Dead Sheep, YES. YES. YES. Simply Marvellous
Eurydice, A fascinating shift of focus
Eggs, How d'you like your eggs?
Skin Deep, welcome to the new nostagia
Joy, A young woman's empowering journey
The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Programme revival lacks original charm
Sasha Regan's All Male The ..., Laughter on the high Cs!
The History Boys, Art wins in the end?
Jason & The Argonauts, Drums. Drums and the Greeks...
Raggabones&House, Come over to my house
The Open Couple, What's good for the goose...
Romeo & Juliet, Welcome to my new definitive
The Business of Murder, Not a whodoneit, a whatdidhedo
The Hopeful Grave, Still relevant 2000 years on
Can't Pay? Won't Pay!, Millet soup with rabbits' heads
The Mist in the Mirror, Ominous, comfortable; period and modern
Foxcatcher, Great performances highlight great film
Theory of Everything, An extraordinarily transformative lead performance
Birdman, Possibly film of the year
The Wall, A very strong Fringe production...