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Reviews by Michael Gray
Myths Retold: Ramayana, wholly absorbing chain of tales
A midsummer night’s dream, lively, physical and very entertaining
The tempest, magical, captivating cross gender Shakespeare
Othello's Guilt, a monologu..., Othello tormented by anguished guilt
The Alchemist, fast and furious Jonson farce
Measure for measure, Short Measure successful and succinct
Much Ado About Nothing, war-thoughts and wooing on Bankside
A musical journey through H..., varied scenery and spectacular views
HAMLET by William Shakespeare, earnest exploration of Hamlet's troubles
Mirror Mirror: A Snow White..., Cross Dressed Snow White Delight
Crick Crack Club Presents T..., Tales told in a tent
Trial By Jury and The Zoo, Delectable double bill of Sullivan
Travesties by Tom Stoppard, Clever nonsense in vintage Stoppard
The Comedy of Errors by Wil..., Shakespeare farce out of suitcases
Patience, G&S in the Public Bar
Neighbourhood Watch by Alan..., a lukewarm late dark Ayckbourn
The Comedy Of Errors by Wil..., 1920s Twins in the Park
Calendar Girls, Yorkshire Ladies lose their inhibitions
Macbeth: In Pitch Black, Scottish play for five voices
'Stepping Out' by Richard H..., They tap their troubles away