"A courageous and creative endeavour"
by Tessa Hart for remotegoat on 26/05/13

With 'Prometheus Bound' presented at the White Bear Theatre, Fire Under The Horizon bravely faces up to the challenge of putting on an Ancient Greek tragedy in a small Fringe production. Whilst the production has its ups and downs, there are some fantastic contributions from the cast.

An incredible asset is, with no doubt, the lead actor, Henry Regan as Prometheus. Despite being chained to the wall during the entire show Regan's highly physical and devoted performance leads the entire show and keeps the audience captivated. Christie Banks in the role of Io and Alex Sycamore as Force also stand out through some uplifting and engaging performances.

The Oceanids are impressive at first with their vocal performance showing strength and unity; unfortunately their physical performance does not live up to the same level and was often rather distracting and out of sync. Within the chorus, however, it is particularly the physical presence of Chrissy Kett that is a real joy to watch.

Director Cieranne Kennedy Bell no doubt put a lot of creativity and fantastic ideas into the production; unfortunately, it sometimes ends up being too much. The show is very carefully choreographed, but ends up feeling slightly over-choreographed and too busy.

The soundscape is also quite overwhelming, whilst the lighting throughout a lot of the performance is not used to its full potential. Quite nice is the decoration of the entire theatre and audience space as well as the very basic set; the costume design, on the other hand, could also have done with less distractions and more plainness.

Overall, many elements of the production are quite outstanding on their own; however, the process of bringing it all together reveals some lacks. Whilst it may appear like an overwhelming challenge to put on a Greek tragedy as a small Fringe production, less is more, seems an appropriate motto in this case and a greater simplicity would actually be a plus factor rather than a disadvantage.

However, despite all of this, the production is a courageous endeavour, the storytelling comes across and talented as well as creative people are involved.

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