"Action packed 007 movie suspense"
by Margaret Morley for remotegoat on 27/10/12

I have watched all of the James Bond movies and I was not going to miss this one. It is fifty years since the Bond movies first came to the cinema, "Dr No" being the first. This is the twenty-third Bond movie and Daniel Craig's third. The different people playing Bond over the years, adds to the interest of it all.

Typically Bond thrillers will have the agent 007 (double O seven) on a mission to defend people in his country. This will involve gunshot, violence, gadgets, flash cars and car chases- not to mention the glamorous women that come his way.

I acknowledge that there are pacifists who do not like violence of any sort, though this is a fantasy film, with very strong characters throughout. Craig who plays a man of steel, looks a bit like a chap who could be working in your office, but takes part in the "field work".

This is a magnificent performance from Craig, who rides an unbelievably big motorcycle, early on in the film. There is needless to say a magnificent amount of stunt work, which is carried off against a brilliant set in many countries including Shanghai, China, Turkey and the United Kingdom. A few cool one liner's are included as is typical. See what action takes place before Bond's line, "Just changing carriages." For those interested there are also a few underwater scenes included in the action.

There were not any women in bikinis as so often is the case, in previous scripts. I kept picturing the beautiful bond lady Ursula Andress who appeared in, "Dr No", in a bikini that she made herself and holding a sea-shell. The film does however include attractive young women from many different countries.

There is again another magnificent performance from Dame Judi Dench, in her seventh Bond movie as M, Bond's boss, in the M16 Secret Service. I think the camera at times was too close up on her face, and it would have demonstrated more dignity and respect and been appropriate as she was playing a boss, not to zoom in and emphasis wrinkles. Her character can be said to have acted in an arrogant way, M has challenges ahead.

The cities were portrayed with fabulous camera work, giving great long distance shots, and particularly at night time with the night lights gleaming. Well directed by Sam Mendes a Bond fan, a scene on the London underground is also included. Adding to the great introduction was Adele singing, "Skyfall". It only become apparent later on that Skyfall was the name of a place in Glencoe, Scotland, a breath-taking picturesque location where author Ian Fleming had Bond's Father home location.

Always up to date on the latest gadgets, this movie includes the latest technology, including youtube and car trackers. A whizz kid is there to explain it all. Well done to the fire department who kept people safe. Also watch out for a Scorpion and something that looks like a Lizard.

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