by Aline Waites for remotegoat on 27/08/12

The Drayton arms is a well kept pub in old Brompton Road South Kensington - five minutes from Gloucester Road Station with a really attractive little theatre up stairs and this is where Raymond-Kym Suttle has produced his riotous comedy MonoStereo.
It involves a dating agency run by Kieran Conelly - a charming Irishman played by the author - with totally useless and often destructive assistance by his sexy receptionist Pastiche Williams played by Cordelia O'Neill.
There are filmed ads shown from time to time about their services and we actually see several of the monologues by the clients in the cleverly constructed set which is a series of blinds arranged to form a corridor and a studio allowing several things to happen at the same time. The set was designed by the multi talented Suttle who also directs as well as playing the lead.
Mostly this is a hilarious comedy but there is an underlying sadness in all of the lonely but eccentric clients that come to MonoSTereo to find a life partner and the actors involved seize their roles and play them to the hilt only occasionally falling into the curse of modern theatre -mumbled dialogue However Suttle has made sure that these episodes are thankfully rare and one can communicate happily with the characterisations.
Particular impressive is Miss Stephenson - a seventy two year old woman looking for love after the death of her formidable mother . She is determined to say 'fuck' as often as possible in revenge for the domination of her puritanical and dominating parent. This is played with remarkable clarity and honesty by Priscilla Gray
Another honest performance came from Mike Duran as Bernard Bottomley-Smythe - a good looking but pompous man in a suit who cannot understand why women don't fall for him.
And there is Jane Parish, commonly known as Plain Jane ,which is an extraordinarily accurate performance from the totally non plain Catherine Adams, and the stunning Kevin Mathurin as overdeveloped braggart Danny Marshall. But I could go on and on. Suttle has written some wonderfully actable roles for actors and as I said the actors respond gratefully and with all the talent at their disposal.
This is a truly fun show in attractive surroundings and it is only on for another week so get booking.

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