"Miss God's Official, miss out."
by Patrick Cunningham for remotegoat on 29/06/12

Cliche though it may be, every once in a while a piece of theatre comes along, and you can tell it's something special. Okay, "God's Official" isn't perfect (what is?) but, my word, it's pretty close.

The set, to start with, consisted only of 3 chairs, but this simplicity enabled the performers to create dozens of different locations and situations, each more vivid than the last. Every inch of stage was utilized to its full potential and the (simple though very effective) use of lighting gave the varying locations a pleasing touch of authenticity and believability. Despite a complete absence of props or set, hilarious chase scenes, car journeys and TV-smashings were all shown with real clarity and comic effect - kudos to the actors and director Chris Tomlinson for this.

"God's Official" was specially reworked and modernized by renowned local writer Robert Farquhar (Big Wow Theatre, Dead Heavy Fantastic) and as can be expected of Farquhar, the exemplary use of 'dark comedy' was shown in its best form. At times truly touching silences or heated arguments were instantly transformed into bouts of laughter, thanks to the many one-line retorts littered throughout.

Complete thanks and many congrats must go to Derek Barr, John McGrellis and David Kennedy Jones for the truly brilliant piece of theatre performed last night. The immediate switch between moments of real emotional poignancy, and face-aching laughs is certainly something to be revered. The speed and delivery of the quips and one-liners showed the chemistry between Degsy and Cliff perfectly (Barr and McGrellis respectively) and the seamless intertwining of the characters' asides with the play's action, confirmed how much work has gone into this show. The unrelenting pace and excellent script meant that the audience was completely mesmerised from start to finish.

Returning to the opening point, "God's Official" is really something special. Writer Robert Farquhar yet again balances tension with laughter perfectly, and the three actors, under the very able direction of Chris Tomlinson, all made for an evening of performance that would surely be a massive shame to miss. I cannot word this strongly enough: do not miss this show, you really would be missing out.

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