"Drugs not needed to enjoy"
by remotegoat reviewer for remotegoat on 12/03/12

I apologise for the delay in submitting this review. On Saturday, dosed up with diclophenic painkillers I went to see this, the third of three productions currently in rep at Teatro Technis in this second season from the increasingly confident, and rapidly maturing, training rep company that is Fourth Monkey.

It was touch and go if I would be able to get there at all as I had put my back out the day before hence the painkillers. But I'm glad that I did manage to drag my badly functioning body along as this production contains some true delights.

Chief amongst those delights is the performance of Leanne Bennet as Piggy. Yup that's right, Piggy is played by a girl. As are the majority of the marooned children in this reworking of the classic tale. I have to say that I've never seen a production of Lord of the Flies before so cannot make comparisons with how it's more often staged but I can say that it's undeniably interesting watching a group of girls become feral and largely over power the more traditional leader types such as Ralph (played with a not inconsiderable amount of accomplishment by Max Sisterson).

Chief amongst the girls is Jack, beautifully observed by Georgia Kerr.

The lighting design, by award nominee Pablo Baz, is quite simply designed and beguilingly effective.

To sum up this is yet another entertaining production by Fourth Monkey who are shaping up to be an imaginative tour de force on the London fringe. Grab a ticket, sit back, enjoy.

And on that note I'm off to take more painkillers and lay on the floor again!

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