"Theatre Vs Activism: One Nil."
by Marco Marrese for remotegoat on 02/11/11

It is not easy to make sense of a text whose intent is "to rise far more question than it answers", and in fact one can hardly find a common denominator for the 10 stories that make this script.
These are stories that do test human life at the limits of our existence but they are so distant that they feel unreal and end generating less discomfort and puzzlement than they ought to.

There are some scenes that do intrigue (and they all centre around a woman): a reinterpretation of Giuditta and Oloferne where her prize is not only the honour of patriotism; a pièce on women's sexual oppression; a wife's betrayal.
But, all in all, his is a declaredly militant text that, in this reviewer's humble opinion, doesn't live up to the hype.

Fortunately enough, the show remains very enjoyable thanks to a great direction and choreography (Matthew Parker) and a well balanced cast of actors.
The stage is quite elaborate for a fringe production, the actors make full use of it and it is an incredible source of energy with its slogan and colour starting from the very moment one sits down and is welcomed by some actors already on stage.

Each scene is introduced with energy and movement, music and lighting that differ each time and are in themselves great pieces of theatre. Then, a bunch of actors alternate on the scene while the others observe attentively from the sidelines. All the performances are convincing and natural, but a few deserve a special mention.
Rafid Golby is great. Olivia Onyehara genuinely charms and provokes the audience with a bare ankle and her flirting playfulness. And I won't honestly believe you if you'll tell me that Phil Bishop doesn't suffer from some kind of psychological disorder. That's how authentic his fumbled bookseller looked to me.

I recommend you go and watch this staging for its own merits, and you will not be disappointed, but don't pump up your expectations for a politically subversive pièce.

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