"A strong and powerful set"
by Margaret Morley for remotegoat on 03/10/11

A great way to spend a Friday evening, Revelin Sky performed live on the 16th September 2011 at the Barfly, in Camden, the hometown of lead singer/songwriter Dave Kisch. The strong and powerful set included, "Control". This is a song with great meaningful lyrics and combining this with the bands strong guitar and drum rhythms, I think it should be a hit. The show ended with a song called, "Celebrate", with Dave amongst the audience on his knees playing the guitar. The audience wanted more, but it was time to go. Sadly it was the last evening that the bass player would be playing with the band. However, with what must be a great future ahead of the band and with a great desire to perform live, I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of them.

Dave Kisch met Margaret Morley in Oxford Circus, London, on the 1st September 2011 for an interview to discuss his band and their music. Melodic Indie Rock band, Revelin Sky formed in 2008, with Dave Kisch on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Ben Stratton-Woodward on lead guitar and backing vocals, Alex Ngo on drums and backing vocals and Hugh Stirzaker on bass and backing vocals. They have a deal with React Music Publishing.
"How did the band come about?"
"Basically we were two sets of mates, I met Hugh at a jam at drumtech, Ben met Al at a rehearsal room when he was auditioning for another band, and heard Al drumming in another room and popped in for a jam. It all came together in Glastonbury in 2008, we both managed to get a back stage ticket through various people we knew. Al and Ben overheard us saying we were looking for more people to jam with, they were too, so that was that! We hung out with each other, watching bands like The Raconteurs and The Verve. After that we started rehearsing, worked on some songs, and here we are."
"Can you tell me anything else about the meeting?"
"Well, whatever happens at Glasto stays at Glasto! But we all bonded due to our similar tastes of bands."
"How was the name of the band decided?"
"Actually Hugh came up with it, we wanted to create a new word to make it unique, a name suggesting something big, which suits our sound. Revelin means pride or rebellion, but with the word, 'Sky' after it the meaning changes completely, and makes you think of freedom and escapism, which is what music's all about."
"How would you describe the look of the band?"
"We wear shirts, I guess you could call it smart-edgy!"
"Who are your musical influences?"
"We definitely all have a few bands in common, but something that makes us a bit unique is that we all have quite different influences as well. Our drummer for example loves classic 60s/70s blues rock but also jazz. The bass player likes funk, whereas me and the guitarist Ben, we are heavily influenced by big guitar bands with big riffs and that's where a lot of our sound comes from. All of us like the big melodic bands, classics like the Chilli Peppers and more current stuff, like Bombay Bicycle Club, Temper Trap and The Vaccines."

"How do you think that your band is different from other bands of the same music genre?"

"I think we offer more variety, I think we have a song that will appeal to any music taste which is mainly due to the different influences that all four of us have; and we love to make sure we do good live shows."

"How has your band progressed since forming in 2008?"

"Our song writing has definitely developed since then, we've become a tighter unit. That's helped the live shows to get better and we've signed a publishing deal and generally feel more experienced. We're ready to take on the world!"

"What do you think is a safe level of decibels to be emitted during a performance, so as not to damage hearing? Do you ever check a safe volume is in place?"

"Volume brings energy but it's important not to have it too loud or people can't differentiate the different melodic and harmonic parts of the song and probably can't hear a word that you are singing either. If members of the audience start to wince a little then you know it's time to turn down a bit. But if you come to a rock concert you've got to expect loud music.."

"Do you have anything else that you would like to add?"

"Guitar music seems to be losing the attention of music media even though the demand for it is still there, we hope to remind them that it still lives through strong live shows, after all, the true energy of Rock n Roll music is when it's played live"

Revelin Sky have a new upcoming single called, "Firerain" and they hope to record the album this month as well.
Dave writes the lyrics for the songs, and he and the other band members write the music.

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