"Permission to Cry? No. Enjoy!"
by remotegoat reviewer for remotegoat on 08/08/11

This interesting piece, presented here by Made By Imps, is a short tale of regret and crossed words.

Set against a backdrop of social unrest and riots, a senior politician has the threat of exposure of their sexuality by the tabloid press constantly in the forefront of her mind. Wrestling with the dichotomy of whether to stay in her relationship or in her job, Life throws various spanners into the works derailing her carefully constructed persona, and with it her reason and sanity.

The ethereal presence of the beautiful and talented Claira Watson Parr lifts the scenes shining a light on to the domesticity of the two lovers home life. Her lustrous hair is almost worthy of a credit in its' own right.

The youthful and exuberant Vanessa Mayfield plays the junior reporter who may have stumbled upon a scoop with the required amount of playful energy and calm beautifully conveying the lust for the elusive scoop that must be present in cub reporters the world over.

Monty Burgess as the slightly pompous, woefully inept, Councillor Eldon-Pugh excels in comic timing and charm, whilst Doctor Semple MP, played by Colin Jonathan Appleby who displays perfect comic ability and is a joy to watch, displays just the right amount of calm, consideration, cheek and chutzpah to bring this tricky character to a fully rounded life.

The star of the show has to be Rebekkah Watson. The show lives or dies (literally) on her performance and it cannot be easy to have such a large emotional journey in such a short play. That she achieves such a journey is in itself noteworthy. That any of the cast achieve what they do with a slightly dated, very peculiar, but very entertaining script is testament to their collective ability as actors. All have talents that far surpass this script and the question has to be, when will we see you on stage again.

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