"niceway to spend an hour"
by Judy Collins for remotegoat on 20/04/11

In a nutshell (get it!!), Monkey Nuts is about getting old. The premise of the play is very simple. Bobbie (Yvonne Pinnington) lives on her own and has tidying issues! Throughout the next hour we see her daughter (Lesley Hendry) and granddaughter, (Jolene Howarth ) help clean up her house. The conversation topics that unfold touch objectively on the elderly subjects of senility, racism and the childlike "senior moments" that are part and parcel of reaching your twilight years without getting too deep. This clearly wasn't a debate on getting old, more of a light hearted look at growing old ungracefully.
Monkey Nuts had a nice pace and some really great one liners - "you've got a sizeable bottom on you" being my favourite. There was also some nice visual choreography using the fact that Bobbie is static throughout most of the play to it's advantage.
The play doesn't put the world to rights or delve into the issues raised , but is a nice way to spend an hour!

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