"The Bridge by Nick Brelsford"
by Judy Collins for remotegoat on 18/04/11

I have to admit that with The Bridge by Nick Brelsford, I didn't quite get it! The play is set in The Walker Gallery and the painting that the 2 main characters Angie (Nicole Gaskell) and Emily (Hayley Allerton) build their dialogue around is by fictional artist Karl Fischer.
Throughout the play we see Angie and Emily talk through the different turmoil's that are going on in their lives and are led to believe that Emily has a shocking or disturbing connection with the painting itself. However, we never find out what these turmoil's are.
With the painting being on the fourth wall, a lot of the dialogue is spoken out to us as mini monologues, which I found a little repetitive. I wanted them to stop being dramatically introspective and just tell me why they were sitting on the floor with their head in their hands, or pretending to sail a boat with someone chasing them!
This use of the fourth wall was nice to a point, but ultimately I found it very limiting.
The 2 girls stories were interjected with various men in their lives (all played by Amir Rahimzadeh), but again, these snippets were short and for me, added more confusion rather than enhanced the narrative.
All said, there were some lovely visual images created by the writing and a feeling of escapism through art came through nicely. Maybe we don't need to have the secrets within the play revealed and maybe the fact that everyone has things to hide was the theme of the play, but I was left a little bewildered. Maybe that was just me!

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