"A Twist in the Tale"
by Margaret Morley for remotegoat on 18/03/11

The show opened with the twittering of birds being heard, on this magnificently designed set, which was appropriate and realistic, a derelict tennis court, in the grounds of the sister's large country house. Much work had gone into the floor design.

A well cast play with the three main actresses totally engrossed in their characters. First to take to the stage was Susan Wooldridge playing Annabel. She played the eldest sister who had come into an inheritance following the death of her father, she had returned home after a thirty-five year absence abroad. This leading role was played so as to have the audience quickly empathising with the situations that her character finds herself in as the story unfolds.

Her sister Miriam was played by Sarah Woodward, again a believable performance. She played a woman with many facets to her character, including one of being demented. Mossie Smith playing Alice, formerly employed by Miriam to nurse Miriam and Annabel's father, demonstrated a good portrayal of a character driven to achieve her desired ends.

This psychological thriller was well written, we gradually get to know the characters as the play unfolds. This play is rife with social interaction and psychological scheming. Many sociological issues are covered, including the theme of domestic violence, male on female in the form of husband and father, and perceived parental favouritism by one sibling over another and the possible resultant consequences. Surreptitious motives reveal the darker side of two of the characters in this triangular situation, two of whom are driven by greed.
It may have been a good idea to have a break at half time in this ninety minute performance, as the show demanded quite a lot of concentration and was separated into two acts. The suspense-filled plot holds ones attention throughout, with act two providing further insight into the characters' personas. The story provides many twists in the tale, which keeps one on the edge of one's seat.

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