"Something I get excited about."
by Coco Hall for remotegoat on 14/02/11

Juliet's Balcony and Knock, Knock by Niki Orfanou are two short new plays from this new writer. The writing showed promise, but the ideas in the pieces were somewhat muddled.

Juliet's Balcony was a monologue from a young girl, who may or may not have been Juliet from Romeo and Juliet - this was one of the ideas that seemed a bit muddy. The role was played with passion from the performer. Juliet is a young woman in crisis. She doesn't want to go to work, she thinks she'll stay home and grow some plants on her balcony.

Knock, Knock was a dialogue between a couple which once again didn't go in the direction the billing suggested. There were good ideas in both pieces and some nice touches but they needed more development.

The poetry cafe is a delightful place and well worth a visit to check out some live writing. Upstairs there is a cafe with books for sale, downstairs a space for performance. That it's a place willing to try out new writing is something I get excited about.

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