"An Actors World Back Stage"
by Margaret Morley on 01/01/11

It's not The Professionals, but the audience get the chance to see acting at it's best. Martin Shaw plays the lead. Well known for starring in the above TV series with co-actor Lewis Collins,where they played two sexy plain clothed policemen. The latter has been reported as, "missing in action", with reference to any recent acting appearances.

It's difficult not to mention LAMDA trained Martin's more recent astounding appearance in Shakespeare's, "A Man For All Season's".

In his current play one is moved to have genuine concern for the character that he plays; he plays an actor. A well cast co-star Jenny Seagrave plays his wife. Without checking the programme, it seemed to be set in the 1950s in America.

The setting was backstage in a theatre. The production, was poor, a dirty mirror, a near broken side draw, radiators. With ticket prices as they are, although this could be justified as being realistic, one could have suspended disbelief and had a much more glamourous production. It was so bad that you just have to go to the show to see it.

An opportunity for other up and coming actors and a brief insight into the life of a writer. I have only reviewed the second half, so the rest is up to you.

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