"The Flying Monk rocks Brighton!"
by Sascha Cooper for remotegoat on 20/05/10

The Komedia Studio bar was the perfect setting for The Flying Monk as it was intimate, but yet felt larger than it actually was.

Despite the low audience attendance, what emerged was a fun packed and exciting show that followed the antics of a Monk who was obsessed with flying in order to find freedom in his life and to discover whether there was a life beyond the restricted four walls of the monastery during the era of the Vikings.

What was interesting about this show was not only the fact that a small cast was able to take on so many characters and make them believable, but it was the slick and swift costume changes just using what appeared to be monks' robes. One moment they became viking capes, the next, ladies' dresses!

The only slight criticism to be made of The Flying Monk is that some of the physical sequences need to be tightened up slightly due to being a bit messy and one or two cast members need to be more confidant with what they're saying to get the meaning of the words across - especially in the monastery sections when they are allowed to speak.

Apart from that, the way each actor tackled the roles and created the scenes using extremely simple props such as sticks, a bird puppet and strips of material. But it was the wings that stole the show at the end as the monk finally took flight in order to get a message to the king. It was subtle, yet extremely dramatic as an effect.

Expect subtle comedy, historical facts you never knew and a good fusion of physical theatre with a vibrant cast.

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