"An intimate and truthful herstory"
by remotegoat reviewer for remotegoat on 24/01/10

When Jill Johnston, Normal Mailer, Pixies, your mum, my buttocks and lots and lots of breasts come together; 'Trilogy' happens. A celebration of difference and women coming together and creating a new, more complete 'herstory'. Nic Green, the creator of the piece, Laura Bradshaw, Lou Brodie, Murray Watson and Jodie Wilkinson dance, jump, ask questions and invite more than a hundred female volunteers to dance with them on stage.

I know, because I was there and because I looked at the sea of naked women dancing and because I counted them and I lost count. I stopped when I reached a hundred. Because then, I could say, they are more than a hundred. And because I was there, I can say how tremendously liberating the dance of the first part of 'Trilogy' felt. Yes, I agree: If I am curvy, which I am, I want to be thin, which I do. And if I am thin, I want to be curvy. And my bottom will never be perfect. Nic Green's first part of the performance encourages us to make our own movement. Somewhere, it seems, I need to find all these other people that share the same beliefs and start a movement. And so I do. I lift my arms, I open my legs, I jump in the air. And this movement will lead to another one and that to another one. Open your legs, lift your arms, jump and jump. I follow the advice and I start a movement. And I love it. Because now I like that I am curvy and not thin and that my bottom will never be perfect. More than a hundred naked women, from different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities, women that have nothing to do with theatre or performance have one and only goal, on Saturday, 23rd of January, 2010: to dance to the song by Pixies, naked on the Barbican stage. To start a movement: lift their arms, open their legs, jump and jump. And I follow.

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