"Informal And Relaxed Macabre Cabaret"
by remotegoat reviewer for remotegoat on 23/04/09

Set in Angel, the artisans playground, this cabaret is a very meandering affair. With no rigid structure, the acts flow on and off stage and merge with each other. Clearly this is just a bunch of talented friends performing together, which isn't a bad thing, but there are some issues that leap out.

On a Wednesday night, when most have to go to work in the morning, this night did drag on a bit, with not one but two intervals. Each interval was meant to last only ten minutes but actually doubled that. By the time the second interval had kicked in, it was past ten and most of the audience were regrettably forced to leave. But those with patience, stuck around and enjoyed the DJ who entertained in these extended gaps.

Performing and hosting the night, were acts such as, Vixen DeVille, who enchanted with her storytelling, as she got the audience to create the sound effects for her. The London Magician made everyone gasp with fear as he risked pride and limb on his magic tricks. Mister Meredith made us laugh with his witty 'Noel Coward-esque' songs and Dave the were-bear soothed us with his beautiful voice. But it was all the faffing in-between that ate up the time and detracted from the evening.

So, if disordered entertainment is your cup of tea and/or you're not in a rush and can stay up late with no disaster befalling you the next day, then why not go see this show.

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