"Relevant & Powerful Denford Drama"
by remotegoat reviewer for remotegoat on 12/09/08

A double bill is always an exciting, if daunting, prospect. Am I going to get two plays each following a similar idea reworked with characters suffering similar fates with only the geography to differentiate? Well fear not, the pairing of Harry Denford's The Bridge & Joy Division couldn't be more contrasting.

Just looking at Harry's rap sheet you immediately realise that this man is no one-trick pony. His body of work which includes acting, stand up comedy, writing & directing clearly shows we are dealing with a man who is complex, diverse and not afraid of a challenge.

First up is The Bridge. The story of one bridge & two jumpers, each trying to persuade the other to leave so they can get it over with in peace. When an enthusiastic traffic cop is thrown into the mix a curious twist ensues.

Director Tim Macavoy is brilliant as the instantly likeable obsessive male bridge jumper. This is a fun light-hearted comedy with neurotic characters I think we can all relate to in some way.

Our second Harry helping is Joy Division. A magnificent all-female cast brings to life this sensitively written yet powerful & confronting portrayal of life for female sex slaves in a forced labour camp in Nazi Germany. The narrator, brilliantly played by Rosalie Jorda, immediately engages the audience as she recalls her time spent at one of these camps. We are then taken back to that time and place and are drawn in by believable characters all striving for survival. It soon becomes clear that although connected by the same situation, each woman's idea of survival is different, defined by her personal beliefs, her fears and her natural human instincts. I find myself thinking 'Is the greater power in submitting to your situation and manipulating it to your advantage or standing by what you believe in no matter the cost?'

As the play draws to a close, our narrator brings us forward with a glimpse of today's reality and I am left wondering just how far it is we have come as humans in the past sixty years.

As I make my way out into the night I feel I have had an evening of well-balanced theatre - a light fluffy starter, a heavy yet nutritious main finished off with a doggy bag of food for thought.

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