"Fun Filled Christmas Family Entertainment"
by Cheryl Rowlands for remotegoat on 09/12/19

Staged in a relatively small area in Coniston Community Centre but to a packed House, the audience was made up of excited families with lots of young children. Some had come dressed as Cinderella, which was sweet.
Nice Programmes filled with photographs and information on the cast and crew and plenty of sponsors and advertisements from local businesses keen to support the Company.

Lovely backdrops of a wooded village with church and a fairy castle on top of a hill which also served as backstage for the cast. Sleigh bells announced the start and everyone fell into an expectant hush. The recorded voice-over got people warmed up and ready.

Cinderella, played by professional dancer, Keziah J Watts looked stunning both in her rags and her Disney-styled costume. Keziah has previously worked as a Cast Member for Disneyland Paris.

Buttons, played by UWE Drama student, Jack Lord, was by far the most popular character and my favourite. He made a couple of faux pas but this just added to the comedy.

The Evil Baroness, played by Brett Griffiths, was an absolute riot – referring to Buttons as “Buttocks”! Brett is a professional actor and writer who has many television credits to his name.

“Twelve Days of Christmas”, a signature tune with Bristol Pantomime Productions, was the usual fun-filled mayhem and a gentleman sitting behind us joined in with “FIVE TOILET ROLLS!” with gusto.

Prince Charming and Dandini (portrayed by University Graduates, Imogen Holland and Kesi Williams respectively) got together in a “Dirty Dancing” twirl, but there was an epic fail on the famous lift. No-one expected the lift to actually go ahead, but what a twist if they had actually managed it! (Safety first, of course!).

The two Ugly Sisters played brilliantly by Steve Huggins (“Ronnie”) and Steve O’Brien (“Bonnie”). They worked very well together in their dislike of Cinderella and their competition over which one of them could win the Prince’s hand. Of course, neither did. Steve Huggins is a regular performer with BPP although it was Steve O’Brien’s first professional performance.

The Fairy Godmother was played by Hazel Wilson, a graduate from Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and spoke in rhyme throughout.

During The Pantomime Song, absolutely everyone was waiting eagerly for Ugly Sister “Ronnie” to get the feather duster in the face. It didn’t happen, but her wig was knocked off creating much mirth and laughter.

There were a couple of birthdays among the younger audience members and “Happy Birthday” was sung by everyone to the grateful recipients of bags of sweets, although when it was noticed sweets were being handed out, there suddenly appeared to be more birthday girls and boys than was originally anticipated! Perhaps it was a mistake for Buttons to say: “Anyone whose birthday it is, stand up!” Once the sweets were noticed, it seemed it was suddenly everyone’s birthday!

The audience loved it and were well up for the audience participation parts – especially the parents! Everyone helped Buttons to keep the Royal Palace clean by dusting down their chairs. The children did appear to lose interest slightly during the songs but then perked up again for the audience participation and especially liked the “whoosh” part with the Fairy Godmother who spoke in rhyme throughout and they were keen as mustard to point out to Prince Charming where Cinders’ lost shoe was! The production bows were met with whoops, clapping and cheers from the audience, both young and old alike, with Buttons receiving the loudest and most enthusiastic cheers.

The final song, Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” was sung with gusto by all the adult audience members (although it went over the heads of the children), but all in all it was a very successful production and enjoyed by all attended.

There are a few tickets remaining for their last few shows. See Bristol Pantomime Production's website for details and go along and have a fun-filled festive treat.

“Awlwight my Luvvers”?!

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