"Philosophical comedy provides life insight"
by Sascha Cooper for remotegoat on 31/05/19

'Utopia: Under Construction' is one of the most interesting gems of the fringe which needs a lot of support. In front of the audience's eyes using our suggestions, three comedians created a Utopia that was ideal for Brighton. Every night may be different, but this group from Plymouth and the South West of England really does put forward some interesting and thought provoking viewpoints (with a slice of comedic input) that poses the question...what if we could have the power to create and change the world we live in for ourselves?

Christian Russell-Pollock held the stage well as he provided the context of the show at the beginning. His humour is what we might call upbeat and jolly, but the way he kept the energy up and focused throughout the whole evening, whilst dealing with some unexpected heckling was really well handled and driven. He set the scene of being on a building site with ease and really interacted with the audience well too.

Jon Matthews followed with putting forward some Insightful views on education and church in particular in this Utopia, drawing on his own personal experience as a Science teacher and some interesting encounters in the pub at Christmas time. The wit is very dry, but the humble way he puts himself down is extremely endearing. The fact he kept down to earth whilst being satirical is a strong feat in itself.

Finally, Eliza Frazier added a darker turn to the proceedings when she talked about losing a family member. Using this is a risk to take, but the way she brought about the humanistic approach to this Utopia was extremely insightful and needs to stand as a politician in her own right. If anything, Eliza brought home the reality of family and human kindness, which seems to have lost its way today. She balanced out the more satirical aspects of this show with her humanistic approach to things and hit home the fact that having a good family basis is key to kindness and possibly more. But she also reminded us of the more base nature of humanity...sexual desires! See this show to see why!

'Utopia: Under Construction' is a show that is different every night and I was lucky to see the show I did. If you like politics, life and the power of change, then this hidden gem is one not to be missed.

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