"French farce reveals diamond show"
by Sascha Cooper for remotegoat on 25/05/19

Nathan and Ida once again dominated The Warren with their second outing this Fringe. Tropez followed the story of two individuals who looked for excitement, riches and fame in their own way - one a flamboyant gigelo, the other a cat burglar. Together they had the task to steal the most precious jewel France had ever seen, but with their opposite views on life getting in the way, will they succeed?

Tropez had every single ingredient to make this one of the most exciting gems of the fringe - intrigue, perfectly choreographed slapstick comedy, great physicalisation of characters and an obvious electric chemistry on stage. The way Nathan and Ida slipped in and out of character was mesmerising to watch and really engaged with the plot as it unfolded.

Putting together a show with very little props or set and a script to indicate the complicated intricacies of a film-like quality is hard to pull off. However Tropez was so slick and easy to follow, even when there were some strange characters that seemed like they were thrown in for the sheer hell of it. This risky move soon became clear that these random characters not only indicated french life, but also turned out to be an ingenious way of showing which scene was next. This was a clever tactic which paid off well in the end.

If you get a chance to see Tropez, do not miss this on tour! We at Remotegoat wish Nathan and Ida every success with both of their shows.

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