"The truth about acting revealed"
by Sascha Cooper for remotegoat on 17/05/19

The Warren has a secret little gem that needs to be revealed to the world. 'Have You Heard About Guy' is a cleverly written and hilarious insight into the lives of two actresses struggling to find their way in the world and living together. Guy is a very small but vital unseen part in this tight knit play.

Watching the two women try to gain recognition and success in the world of acting may seem to some like a complete repeatitive cop out, however the way this was put together was extremely well thought out and one of the slickest pieces of work I have seen in a long time. It reminded me of the energy of French and Saunders have when they show little insights into their world in a living room. But the difference was that these performers were not afraid to show the gritty reality as to what you have to do to survive as an actor, or be raw in their approach.

The fact that they showed their true selves as life progressed and circumstances changed that although Guy was not present, his clear celebrity success had a powerful impact on both women. It is always a struggle not to compare yourself to others, but the fact that he was not present physically added to the fact that his legacy as a performer got under their skin and the underlying psychology of being a failure was wonderfully captured. This made their journeys more entertaining and engaging.

Do not miss this little gem!

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