"Five Tales in a Garden"
by Margaret Morley for remotegoat on 11/05/19

Poems, music and puppets in a garden, a great show for adults and children.

The show is inspired by the works of Robert Louis Stevenson. A brief biography in the programme states, “As an only child, often confined to bed, he had to use his own imagination to entertain himself.” An informative programme, with three of the five poems illustrated and documented however the words of the The Sea Princess and The Butterfly’s Ball were not included.

The music was devised by Rory Allam and Pete Cooper and brought the poems to life off the page as did of course the shadow puppets and marionettes. I booked early and I was near the front so I was pleased with that. Details of the venue have been provided in my previous reviews at The Puppet Barge Theatre.

The poems were read at a very good pace, not rushed and allowing for the story to be told and enjoyed. However with The Sea Princess poem I thought this would be a good opportunity to have a unique voice recite the poem…the voice of a mermaid. Overall, a nice variety of poems that went well together.

I thought that the production could be enhanced as very often the back screen was plain white and perhaps it could have looked more like a garden.

I could not find the running time of the show stated which was about 45 minutes and also a few people were taking photographs during the show which seemed to go unmonitored.

All in all an enjoyable experience and a great day out!

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