"Some perfectly enjoyable 'Perfect Nonsense'"
by Matthew Partridge for remotegoat on 14/01/19

“Perfect Nonsense”, running at the Bromley Little Theatre, is a three person show based on “The Code of the Woosters”, one of P.G.Wodehouse’s series of Jeeves & Wooster books. Bertie Wooster (Peter Ditchburn) has decided to hire out a theatre to tell the audience about his latest exploits. Quickly realising that he needs actors to play the other roles, Wooster enlists his faithful butler Jeeves (James Jaggs), as well as his Aunt’s maid Seppings (Hazal Han), as he recounts the story of his mission to steal a silver cow-creamer from out of the clutches of Sir Watkyn Bassett, the prospective father-in-law of his friend Gussie Fink-Nottle.

While some may find P.G.Wodehouse’s idiosyncratic style of comedy a little too over the top at timesl, the cast more than make up for this with some spirited performances, with Jaggs and Han throwing themselves into a wide variety of roles, of both sexes. Ditchburn and Jaggs are also excellent when they play the two main roles. The production team, led by Director Jessica-Ann Jenner, also uses the set for so many gags that it becomes almost a fourth character. Indeed, the use of a cut out mounted on wheels to represent Roderick Spode, leader of the Blackshorts and Bertie’s nemesis, never failed to get a laugh from the audience.

Overall, this is a strong, enjoyable production that will entertain even those who aren’t natural P.G.Wodehouse enthusiasts.

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