"a hilarious take on Machismo"
by Aline Waites for remotegoat on 29/10/18

Bromance is the kind of romance between young men who are members of the Brotherhood a very close, non-sexual but highly emotional friendship between guys.

It is St Patricks Day – a day when all good Bros get drunk. Martin a young man from out of town has no friends and he goes into the bar where there are three bros singing Welcome to Guysville. Marty wants to join in but he is not a Bro abut he knows nothing of Brodocol which they jealously keep to themselves. However he sings well and is nice, so they allow him to stay and Dick whose loyalty to Brodom is practically a religion decides to train him..

The first lesson is when Marty answers the phone to his girlfriend – the one he left behind. They tell him :- Don’t answer Texties from your Exes unless there is Sexies.

Brohood means loyalty to other guys like in Point Break, Swayze and Reeves. They sing about Brotherhood being ‘More Than a Friend’. They cross themselves when the name of Patrick Swayze is mentioned and say ‘Rest His Soul’

These are four well defined characters. Martin is played by Joshua Gannon, Sweet faced and somebody called him a new Stan Laurel. He has wonderful comic timing and his amazement at what is happening to him is very funny. Dick, is Robbie Smith not engaged or married,. Treats Brotherhood like a religion. He does a lot of weird dancing. Weird and wonderful – with a body like rubber.

Tom, played by Cellen Chugg Jones is a big butch singer who can throw the others about, he has a big deep voice, but is terrified of his wife. The one they call Colleen, the Cock master – played by Esme Laudat. She is also the barmaid in the bar, and the Shebro who has sex with them all , beats them all at Poker and can fly a plane. Laudat is a true quick change artist changing her character and costumes within seconds.

Harry (Richard J Hunt) is very special – rotund, with long hair and the kind of versatile voice which is quite rare. He sings his main solo ‘Heartburn’ in a sweet romantic voice can bring tears to the eyes and the tears turn to laughs which turns into a roar every so often as the pain kicks in.

Some of the songs are really catchy – probably the best one is ‘You get me’ when some of the affection gets a little out of hand.

This is a hilarious take on Machismo and could be taken as an insult if the boys were not so damn funny. These idiots are brilliantly cast and directed by Sarah Redmond. Musical director Andy Smith.

The Studio is one of the warmest cabaret joints in town and anything that goes on there is heartily recommended.This show has been a sell-out for the run, but it will return sometime soon. So watch out for it. It is really worth it for a good belly laugh.

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