"A dizzy, delectable, Dickens delivers"
by Lita Doolan for remotegoat on 03/08/18

A Dickensian classic is served up with a choice of soup plus a roll for a lunch hour away from the serious arts. The personal development of Pip is followed with puns, mayhem and tongue in cheek hilarity as the cast pop in and out of character. It's refreshing to watch a company that does not take itself too seriously as Dickens' 13th masterpiece is zipped through in less than an hour.

The story is told with gender crossing and character changes made possible through the use of a single prop, yet the audience always knows what is happening. That is the hallmark of a strong assured cast who are also performing in Shakespeare for Breakfast (now in its 27th year).

The cold, distant Estella has her own song to herald her arrival, in fact so many theatrical devices are used there is barely time to think about drinking the soup before it gets cold. Miss Havisham is deliciously eccentric as she points out to the audience for things we should be looking at, before pointing out they are gone. We are ultimately in her hands which is quite possibly what Dickens would have wanted. He described the moment he conceived of Great Expectations as 'a very fine, new and grotesgue idea'. All of these ingredients are in the soup of the highly delectable Dickens for Dinner.

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