"Homage to Drink and Letters"
by Maureen Mckarkiel on 15/06/18

Chelsea Physic Garden is a slice of paradise tucked away from the bustle and noise of Kings Road. Like a secret garden, it is easy to imagine the maze of fauna from across the globe providing well needed respite to the busy lives going at full throttle just beyond its walls.

Tranquil it may be but there is nothing sombre, or indeed sober, about this beautiful expanse of green. The museum’s current exhibition is a double celebration of plants which have a connection to beverages from gin to tea, and the lost art of lettering. In partnership with the Lettering Arts Trust, they have created a trail of objects inscribed with drink-inspired phrases, strategically placed by the relevant plant.

Tea for Two; Message in a Bottle; and Enjoy Life capture the vitality and positivity that drinking brings to life, a fact often overlooked in the discourse around alcohol.

An Elixir of Letters demonstrates that drink is not all bad; indeed it can be uplifting and life-affirming, and whether you imbibe or not, this wonderful exhibition is a cheerful reminder of that.

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