"Poorly directed self indulgent Rant"
by David Rumelle for remotegoat on 03/06/18

The fundamental problem with this production is that it is largely inaudible! Even in the confined space of the Theatre Box at Brighton's Warren - and given a little noise outside the venue- and moving forward to halfway down the auditorium - Reice Weathers 's delivery largely is indecipherable due to a combination of poor diction, a distinct lack of actor’s stagecraft and little or no projection. I did wonder why director - Edwina Strobl had been credited with this piece-when surely a Director's job is to make sure the protagonist can be heard! (She obviously never studied her show from the back row!)

The delivery is rushed, the story puzzling and the whole point of the evening is confusing to say the least!

A monologue about a refugee down and out, regaling us with random statements(however poetic) needs skillful delivery, a good structure and the salient points pointing up -to tell us his story. Mr Weathers and the writer clearly are unable to do either and it becomes a self indulgent rant, without focus, a through line or anything to link it all together. Mr Weather’s may be passionate about this subject -but he hasn't the skill or experience to sustain a forty five minute monologue. After the opening statement of the central character proclaiming that he lives in a cardboard home is established -the evening never gets going and we're in the same confused and UN enlightened state at the end as we were to begin with.

The lighting (by Jess Bernberg) in this production is poor- with the only light seeming to be on the pile of rubbish strewn stage left that claims to be the set -designed by Jo Wright ! ( No awards for this set design I'm afraid!)

In short-this piece needs re-thinking, re directing, drastically re-writing and re cast with an actor with a modicum of basic stagecraft.

"I've lived so many lives" - proclaims Ringo ! Sadly we never get to discover any of them in this very confused concept. The confused look on the audience's faces as they left the venue said it all (or maybe they felt cheated out of their £12 ticket with a Brighton festival surcharge!)

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