"Strong production of classic adventure"
by Matthew Partridge for remotegoat on 17/12/17

As the name suggests, “Treasure Island” is an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic, based on the 2014 National Production (by Bryony Lavery), running at Bromley Little Theatre. When former pirate Bill Bones (Mark Dempsey) stumbles into the inn run by Grandma Hawkins (Jan Greenhough) and staffed by her grandaughter Jemima “Jim” Hawkins (Edie Nelson), he sets in motion a voyage for hidden treasure. However, thanks to the blundering efforts of Squire Trelawny (Alex Scotchbrook) they are joined on their quest by a group of ruthless pirates, led by Long John Silver (James Mercer).

Director Jane Buckland has worked hard to spice up the show with authentic sea songs and adroitly balance the comedy and drama. Greehough and Mercer’s deliver strong performances, as does Bruce Wallace, as the kindly Doctor Livesey. However, the star of the show is Seamore Nelson who gives us an energetic Benjamin Gunn who, although scarred by his near death at the hands of silver, is able to help Hawkins outwit the pirates.

Other cast members include: Nomi Bailey (Mrs Crossley), Heather Wain (Red Ruth), Joe Dominic (Job Anderson/Dick the Dandy), Paul Green (Lucky Mickey), Ann Morgan (Silent Sue), Tracey Bastin (Joan the Goat), Roxana Graves (Black Dog), Thomas Dignum (Blind Pew), Paul Ackroyd (Captain Smollett), Jack Evans (Israel Hands). Jessica Webb (George Bager), Peter Yolland (Grey), Niamh Clark (Flint the ‘Parrot).

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