"Hilarious Evening with Historical Twist"
by Sascha Cooper for remotegoat on 30/11/17

As soon as we entered the Rialto theatre space, immediately the atmosphere changed. What we were confronted with was a completely different time dimension in the universe, where each audience member was presented with the chance of representing something that we would normally experience in today's age by being given a sticker to represent Valentine's Day for instance.

Our host for the evening Ben Watson greeted us with an upbeat and quirky energy that continued into the show. What began as a tour of the universe, soon changed into a fun, fast paced experience that took us on a satirical and informative historical journey from the beginning of time to now.

The History of Everything had a really good mix of comedy, politics and cabaret that kept the audience entertained throughout with no room for lack of energy. The only time it dipped slightly was the 'intermission' sketch, but it did not distract from the fact that history can be made fun with the power of theatre. Plus the fact that there was a strong resemblance to BBC series 'Horrible Histories' in terms of sketches really made this show current and enjoyable to watch and participate in.

This show is currently on tour, so whilst you can, make sure you see this if you are a fan of history and pure entertainment. Worthwhile watching!

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