"Drama school students seize opportunity"
by Matthew Partridge for remotegoat on 18/11/17

“Grantley’s Musical Revue” is a musical showcase for drama students at the Poor School in King’s Cross. It is a collection of musical numbers. These range from one that involve just a solo performer, to small group and a few that involve the entire class. Musicals range from big popular ones, like Chicago and Grease, to more obscure works like Anyone Can Whistle, The Baker’s Wife and Songs from a New World. Director Grantley Buck has clearly worked hard to strike a balance between giving everyone an opportunity and pleasing the audience by allowing the stronger performers more time.

Overall, it succeeds as an evening of musical entertainment. While some of the numbers could do with a little more energy, many of the actors fully take advantage of the opportunity and grab the stage. Maiken Magnussen sizzles as Rizzo in “There are Worse Things I Could Do” (Grease) and lets her exasperation at her husband build as Roxie in “Funny Honey” (Chicago). Joy Brenugat also grabs the audience’s attention with her rendition of “Nothing” (A Chorus Line). Sophie Wilson also shows a talent for comedy in “Tear Jerk”, “When the Children Are Asleep” and “Matchmaker”. Of the men, Blake Aiden is by far the strongest.

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