"Circus Magic to Beat Hogwarts"
by Lexi Wolfe for remotegoat on 24/10/17

Lost In Translation Circus have created a marvellous little piece of entertainment here. Marketed towards a younger audience, this adult audience member enjoyed it thoroughly.

With wonderfully drawn-out characters and antics which had me saying 'Oh, mate!' and 'Oh my goodness, stop!' this show was a joy to watch. The staging was good, and the peaks and troughs of character moments vs. tumbling kept the pace up and interest engaged. I especially liked the fact that there was a very old skool feel to the show, yet there were some nice modern ideas tucked in there as well. The show enlisted a lot of off-the-cuff applause for specific moves throughout the piece.

The choreography (oh my goodness, is that the correct word when it applies to circus performance?!) was not only slick, it was quite hair-raising in places. The dedication to technique and training here in itself is so impressive. The actors also worked wonderfully with a young audience, never getting distracted by them at all, and the little interaction was lovely.

Overall, from the slapstick to the extreme, this was a great show, and I hope they come back to my local theatre soon - as the children were only too quick to ask at the Q&A after the show!

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