"A Stunning Greek Musical Experience"
by David Rumelle for remotegoat on 17/05/17

This presentation may be a bit of coat hanger on which to hang many jazz standards-but in the hands of Pippa Winslow-the evening quickly becomes a tour de force.

Greek tragedy's(in her own words)-are so complicated you're going to wish you had a drink"-and there are cocktails a plenty packed in amongst the standards-each ironically referencing the plot of the Greek tragedy-Phaedra-(Greek Buck, Bloody Mary/Maria/Greek Passion)Phaedra, from which our protagonist takes her stand

Stunning in red(and black for the 2nd act)- Phaedra guides us through the intricacies of one of the most complicated Greek tragedy with all the consummate skill of Anna Russell.And- along the way we are also treated to the derivation of Greek phrases and words- Hypocrite, Delirium-to name a few.

Pretty much every standard is woven into the plot-from Orange Coloured sky" to " Crazy" and from "S'wonderful" to "Mad about the boy"-each sung with passion, resonance and conviction-as if the Greek plot had woven itself around the songs-rather than the other way round. Even the tale of Icarus and Daedilius lends itself to the insertion of "Paper Wings".

Even "Nothing can be done" receives a Carol Channing type treatment-and slips effortlessly into the plot.
At times -even our protagonist gets confused with the intricate plot-but she is quickly back on track. The onstage cocktail making could be a little more second nature -and the drinks could do with a bit of stage colour-but these are small points compared with the piece as a whole.
Superb accompaniment and Jazz arrangements from James Shannon and atmospheric lighting from Elizabeth Tooms , blended with Jack Lynch's direction make this an evening that lingers in the mind for a long time.

For a relaxed, chilled night ,with songs you can hum along to-beautifully performed-this is a show not to be missed.

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