"A Masterclass in improvised comedy"
by David Rumelle for remotegoat on 15/05/17

There is no doubt about it-the assembled performers/actors/improvisers in this hour long presentation know their craft and are never stumped for words, situations or rapport. The show is brilliantly held together by compare-Alistair Thomas.

The evening is crazy, unexpected and off the cuff and brilliant-as long as you're not expecting anything too taxing on the brain. As a lady sat next to me remarked- "well it does what it says on the tin"! - it certainly does.
With the simple means of a "spin the wheel" and a lot of suggestions from an appreciative audience - time flys by in a series of improvisation set ups,drama school games and everything played for comedy - with subtlety going for nothing.

Like all improvisation - the rules of being open to suggestion, thinking on your feet, never blocking your fellow performers and razor sharp decisions are demonstrated here to perfection.

The evening is zany to say the least and I did wonder if my drink had been spiked at one point ! But-even at 1pm in the afternoon-The show works like a dream-as long as the audience plays along with you-and at the performance I attended-"the audience went wild"! A word of warning- anyone expecting a coherent evening -forget it ! If you want an open minded-"go with the moment", fun packed romp-this is the show for you.

I'd love to see this show played in "the round" or a version where they encourage audience members to join them onstage-as I have no doubt this talented crew can cope with anything. A refreshing change to the Brighton fringe-this group will surely go from strength to strength.

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