"Einaudi concert celebrates the Elements"
by David Franchi for remotegoat on 19/03/16

He is one of the most successful Italian composers of today. After the publication of ‘Elements’ his last album, Ludovico Einaudi embarked in a consistent tour around the world. So successful that only for London, the previous two dates at the Apollo Eventim in Hammersmith, became three sold outs, and other four dates were added for July 2016.

On 16th March, the first date, the concert was amazing. The ‘Elements’ tour is already a triumph with sold outs everywhere. The Apollo Eventim was fully packed with people sitting on the floor or standing on the back of the stalls room and drinking from a can.

The impression was to be at a rock concert, not at an event of a classical minimalistic author. Einaudi created a multimedia performance, with images screened on the back of the stage, giving a sense of immersion.

The music was seductive, bewitching and addictive. Strobe lightings were used, together with some other light effects. The arrangements adapted some rock melodies, but the music still remains a mix of Einaudi style, new age, Taranta, pop, and jazz. It brought the audience in a sort of magic world, reminding that it is St. Patrick’s Day and we are in Albion.

The first set of the gig of Einaudi featured music from the new album Elements, while the second set included music previously released.

Time goes fast when you're having good moments. The almost three hours of concert arrived at an end quickly and with no heaviness. At the end of the gig there was a standing ovation and applauses for three and half minutes to bring back Einaudi on stage for the encores.

For the live performance, Einaudi (piano) was accompanied by talented musicians, including Federico Mecozzi (violin, guitar, keyboard), Redi Hassa (cello), Alberto Fabris (live electronics, bass, synth), Francesco Arcuri (guitar, waterphone, percussions), Riccardo Laganà (steel drum, percussions, vibraphone).

Ludovico Einaudi is one of the few Italian artists to have a huge fan base outside of his country. Here in the UK, in particular, he is very well known. He works with a British record label and in the last few years his reputation has grown immensely in this country, helped by Classic FM who regularly plays his pieces.

Ludovico is the heir of an important Italian family. His grandfather, Luigi Einaudi, was the first President of the Italian Republic, and his father was one of the most important Italian editors. His mother was a pianist herself and daughter of a musical director and composer, who introduced him to music. He received a strict classical education, first as a child, and later at the Conservatorio in Milan. He studied under the guidance of celebrated composer Luciano Berio.

Einaudi is mainly known as a classical pianist and composer, yet his classical studies are only one component of his production. He has always had a great passion for pop/rock music. As most teenagers, the first instrument he got interested in was the guitar and years ago he regularly came to London to see his favourite rock bands. He has collaborated with many contemporary artists and his tunes have been the soundtrack for many theatre and dance events, as well as several films, like the celebrated ‘This is England’.

It has been a great concert and really much applauded.

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