"Storytelling a it's most imaginative"
by Eleni Young for remotegoat on 13/01/16

Walking on to the stage in a very apt red and black costume, Tim Ralphs weaves a multitude of tales within his very own tale, featuring Beelzebub. With nothing but himself and his words on a bare stage, Ralphs uses a unique and devilish use of language to bring his stories to life before his audience.

Just over an hour long, ‘Rebranding Beelzebub,’ is an imaginative storytelling performance filled with stories within a story featuring Beelzebub ensnaring the innocent and none-to-wise main character. Clever, comic and witty, the stories themselves are excellent short pieces that are entertaining and Ralph’s creative use of language really brings the stories to life.

As enjoyable as the performance was, the title didn’t seem to fit what was performed, as there didn’t seem to be a rebrand to be had. I was expecting this ‘rebrand’ to happen in one form or another, but nothing really seemed to appear. The performance itself was more of a spotlight on Beelzebub himself and I couldn’t help but think that such a strong title ended up overshadowing the performance.

Ralphs’ writing is reminiscent of old bedtime stories, and as ingenious as they were, there wasn’t enough character work to truly distinguish the separate characters. This lack of definition between characters seemed to let the performance down a little and it would have been nice to see Ralph transform more fully into his characters to give more variation and distinction. Ralphs spoils the audience with the number of stories he tells, however, at over an hour long, it would be best to leave the audience wanting more by shortening the overall performance time.

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