"Interesting, but too much padding"
by Matthew Partridge for remotegoat on 18/06/15

The “Britannia Fury”, by SALD Theatre Company and Hillcrest Artists, has an compelling premise. Freelance journalist Charlie (Ethan Loftus) bursts into the office of unscrupulous tabloid editor Jameson (Kit Smith) claiming to have tracked down Brit (Geoffrey Kirkness), who was Britain’s only superhero until he disappeared twenty-five years ago. Pointing out that the newspaper offered a reward for him, he persuades the editor to commission the story, with a promise of a front-page story. However, when he turns up at his hero’s flat he discovers that the superhero is a broken down and bitter alcoholic living in a rented flat.

The play, which is written by Vito Thomas and Roderick Jaynes, certainly has its moments. Smith’s Jameson is a gloriously over-the-top combination of every cliché about tabloid editors. Josie Ayers provides additional comic relief as Stacey, Jameson’s PA, and Irene, Brit’s nymphomaniac landlady. However, the problem is that they play tries to be too many things at once: a look at the cult of celebrity, a discussion of the ethics of vigilantism, a slapstick comedy and even a superhero thriller. There is also a noticeable amount of padding and repetition inserted to get the play up to the ninety-minute (without interval) mark.

An interesting idea, but one more suited to the one-act format.

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