"What's good for the goose..."
by remotegoat reviewer for remotegoat on 17/05/15

Until reviewing Can’t Pay Won’t Pay earlier this year I had, to my shame, no knowledge of Dario Fo; despite his Nobel Laureateship and being one of the most widely performed modern playwrights. So the opportunity to see another of his works so soon was most welcome. And The Open Couple certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Where Can’t Pay Won’t Pay was a farce of the politic economic, The Open Couple is one of human relationships, social convention and what was once called ‘the permissive society’. What happens when both ends of a relationship is open? (there’s a draft apparently).
Not so much a struggle for equality or breaking inhibitions: The Open Couple is emotional revenge – the turning of the tables on a manipulative shit.

Having persuaded his wife that a sexually open relationship is the proper, liberated and progressive; how will the husband react when she meets ‘a nice man’? Could it possibly be that all his talk of equality and liberation were a mere excuse for his own selfish philandering?
As the play pushes at the limits of the characters’ relationship it breaks down those of the stage. Making use of monologue and dialogue addressed directly to the audience, the fourth wall is destroyed creating a Brechtian sense of Verfremdungseffekt.

Brilliantly performed by Tic Tac Theatre, the witty dialogue is perfectly timed and the physical comedy delivered with superb pace and energy. Tic Tac are a two-handed company founded by Hannah Brooks and Scott Goodair – and if you searched all year you couldn’t cast The Open Couple better.

Convincing and engaging, Hannah held our sympathy throughout while Scott’s charm carries us to laughter despite his behaviour.

If you don’t get the chance to see Tic Tac’s ‘The Open Couple’, I’m sorry for you. And I can’t wait to see what they serve up next.

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