"A creative Idea, truly funny."
by Aisheshek Magauina for remotegoat on 18/03/15

Barons Court, a little theatre with a cozy atmosphere (there’s a bar upstairs), is where CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation took place. The scene set up was minimal, as you would expect for an improvisation show. It is a nice tight setting for the audience and the cast to interact, with cute cinema style seating on all three sides of the performance space. My only problem with the venue is that there was a seat on the center left in which a large pillar blocked the view of most of the stage. The introduction was warm and welcoming with a few current jokes to get the audience ready for comedy including some jokes about the infamous Dress dilemma that’s overtaken the internet.

The show started with the group “The Science of Living Things” a guest act, asking the audience for a word that they will base their acts on: Mushroom. The cast was quick on their feet and I found myself laughing quite a lot. I was impressed with the creative scenarios they thought up of that revolved around a single topic which the audience picked out. I would say that they were probably my favorite part of the show.

After the brief intermission, “The Chandeliers” commenced with CSI. It was interactive in the sense that the audience was involved with the decision making process of the show. Unfortunately for The Chandeliers the audience that night wasn’t feeling as social which resulted in them having to coerce audience participation. The group did a good job of twisting the suggestions from the audience into a comical death. Some parts of the show felt a bit dragged out and you could tell that the detective was trying to speed it up a bit. One of the cast members made occasional meta jokes dwelling the improbability and hilarity of their plot, which was very entertaining.
Each actor did a great job of adding to the story and making themselves distinct char
acters. Creating love interests, nemeses, and motorcycle gangs, it was interesting to see the story evolve. The show concluded in such a rounded way, the final words connecting to the beginning of the story; it was a perfect comedic conclusion.

Overall, the show was very enjoyable and I found myself walking out quite content.

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