"Alice entertains all age audience"
by Philip Herbert for remotegoat on 13/03/15

Alice - A New Musical in the studio @ St. James Theatre was a real treat .

There is something delightfully decadent about going to the theatre @ lunchtime .

A 50 minute running time means local office geeks can happily attend - then rush back to work .

I have the feeling that there were a few fellow thespians in the audience too - and unfortunately some silly yummy mummy decided to bring a baby - in - arms - less than 6 months old who gurgled and whimpered throughout - until eventually after about 30 minutes she withdrew . A stupid idea to bring such a tiny child . Everyone looked and it did at times interfere with the action .

Alice - Hannah Toy dances and sings with ease and grace and shines throughout . A splendid supporting company play all the other characters and every entrance and exit is used to the full in this tiny space .

The Cheshire Cat - Mateo Oxley is a fully feline , fully developed character who is all smiles and plays for laughs - and he gets them too .

Dougie Carter as the Mad Hatter is suitably nutty ' nuttier than a squirrel's poo ' was one of my favourite lines . He also excelled in the court room scene and a complicated ' welcome to wonderland ' routine with table swapping and tea drinking - a -plenty .

The Caterpillar Jamie Coleman smoked his 'ciggy' throughout , coughing and spluttreing to great effect . big laughs here and an exit round was well deserved .

The DoDo- Damien Robinson was a country squire ; bluster and pompous who again sang and moved well .This talented actor also plays the sleepy doormouse - a Welsh variety who in his mock fur waistcoat certainly looked the part .

A White Rabbit - Daniel Hope - has with no ears but plenty of gusto keeps rushing about and checking his watch - he is late by the way - and also knows all the important dates .

Ceris Hine was a cheeky unfriendly French mouse and a cheeky pigeon who held the audience in the palm of her hand and caused mirth and merriment every time she appeared and finally .
Last but not least The Red Queen- Kerry Enright is bold and brassy and brazen and brave . She shouts throughout - her catchphrase 'off with her head ' gets a laugh every time and her voice is quite mesmerising . A ballsy belle who gives her all . Rocking the room till we are at last allowed to applaud .

Lighting , sound and choreography is all fantastic and the whole production moves swiftly along with direction from Paul Harnett , Dance numbers Sean Perkins, creative costumes from Katherine Connelly .

All in all a positive must see - runs @ Noon and 1 pm till Sat 21st March. I do hope they find another venue for another longer run . It deserves it .

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