"Two Women Two New Plays"
by Philip Herbert for remotegoat on 03/06/14

I am always excited at the idea of seeing new plays .The audience were full of expectation too - and we were not disappointed .
First things first . A bit of a naff beginning - attempting to get into the venue at 7.20 for a 7.30 start . "We' ll be open in six minutes " said a man from behind the door .
We went to the bar and had another . Second attempt - " one and a half minutes , please wait " - so we did . All we wanted to do was enter the room on time after all . The show went up 15 minutes late but it was worth the wait .

Play 1 -COOKIE written and performed by Annie L.Cooper was all about cancer .

The BIG C - or Charlie as she likes to call 'it' and Mabel for the breast . Talking of breasts , one was brought out very early on in the play to a gasp from a largely female crowd . She then drew a face on her breast to cheer herself up .

This was a monologue full of power and passion - of highs and lows , of laughter and tears, of wine and gin too . She was playing the blame game with herself . Bad Mother , Bad Lover . How was she going to tell her family ? How could she face the world with one less breast ? Should she have them both off and do catwalk modelling ? This got a big laugh - the biggest laugh of the night .

"Fuck It , Fuck it , Fuck It "she exploded and we felt her pain too . Talk of tattoos and a glow in the dark nipple replacement . It's my cancer it's my breast - I might as well make friends with 'it' . More laughs about planning her own funeral - everyone must wear fancy dress , a cheap cardboard coffin and at this point her watery eyes said it all - she was on the point of breaking of giving in to it all but no - life must go on - and it did . Five stars for a brave and bold performance of a witty yet wounded woman in an excellent play .

Play 2 - TORCHED by Roger Goldsmith performed by Sydnee Howard .

A woman sits alone with a torch playing playfully . She shines it all about and settles on her face - does the ghost and monster thing and is bored ( again ) . Shock Horror there is a man outside flashing himself but she wants to laugh - " I suppose I should report him to the police " she says idly to herself . What a life she has had .
Her Dad was stabbed helping out an old man with a stick and now her Mum is dead too . She seeks revenge - and lets be quick about it . She knows who has done the dirty deed and watches him . Watches him at work , at play and finally watches him burn . The blue light of the fire engines light up the stage - like a huge torch now . What has she done - she can hardly believe it herself . But what would you have done ?

Here is a very watchable actress who is a fine and talented story teller . She takes us on the ghastly journey and we can relate to her troubles - we believe in her .

Directed by Colin Burden for Bootleg Theatre Company . Well earned long and generous applause at the curtain call said it all .

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